Potholer54’s ‘Live Debate’ Turned ‘Private Discussion’ with YouTuber Ben Davidson (Suspicious0bservers) on Climate Change – Transcript Part Two

This is the second part of the transcript from science journalist Peter Hadfield’s (Potholer54’s) video “Discussion with Suspicious Observers,” which was supposed to be a “Live Debate” that turned into a private Skype “discussion” with the YouTuber Ben Davidson (Suspicious0bservers). Part one of this transcript can be found here.

In a previous blog article, I mentioned that Ben Davidson has a disclaimer (published in all capital letters) on the “About” section of his website that says, “I OFTEN INTERJECT MY OPINIONS ABOUT THE TOPICS PRESENTED ON THE CHANNEL AND ON THIS SITE, AND I ATTEMPT TO CLEARLY COMMUNICATE WHEN THAT IS THE CASE” (Davidson 2018). I went on to point out that this is:

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The Conspiracy Film “Kymatica” – Transcribed Portions

As promised, here is the follow-up blog post to, “Sovereign Citizens: The Rise of Pseudolegal Extremist Movements,” which contains the transcript of relevant portions from the conspiracy film “Kymatica.”

Falling for conspiracy theories on the internet can destroy your life by taking a drastic toll on relationships with family and friends, leaving you isolated and vulnerable to duplicitous “online communities.” The study, “Changing Conspiracy Beliefs through Rationality and Ridiculing,” also noted that, “Conspiracy theory (CT) beliefs can be harmful” (Orosz 2016).

Researchers of this study found that both “rationality speech” and “ridiculing speech” were effective in reducing belief in conspiracy theories among a small sampling of Hungarians (Dolan 2016).

The least effective method of communication, persuasion is “empathetic speech,” emotional appeals have very little influence when it comes to changing the beliefs of a conspiracist: “Rational and ridiculing arguments were effective in reducing CT, whereas empathizing with the targets of CTs had no effect” (Orosz 2016).

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